The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa, established in 1972, was formed by intrepid adventurers set on enjoying and promoting activities involving four wheel driving. In the Provinces branches were established to devolve and grow the ethos and the brand of the Club. At this stage, five branches are active, being the Western Cape, Gauteng, KZN Durban and Midlands and the Eastern Cape.
The Western Cape Division of the Club was established in 1977 and upholds the vision, mission and motto of the Four Wheel Drive Club of South Africa as applied on a national basis.


Our vision is to see the four wheel drive community across Southern Africa prosper and grow by being supported and protected. We pledge at all times to act with integrity and responsibility where ever we go so that all people can in future benefit equally.


Our vision is to uphold and ensure the sustainability of the environment and its invaluable resources through respect for all forms of life, the education of our members and the prevention of selfish damage and destruction through ignorance and disrespect.


Go there…

  • Tread with care
  • Help restore damage
  • Educate and learn
  • Reduce your impact
  • Ensure conservation

Do that…

  • Treat with respect
  • Handle with care
  • Act with integrity
  • Tidy up afterwards

What is the Club about:

The Club is firstly focused on responsible offroad driving and training of all members. Committee members compile and manage outings and events based on a Club calendar and members are encouraged to assist. This entails going on day and weekend trips as well as the occasional extended trip that lasts longer than a weekend where at least one or more four wheel drive required trail is visited. You may also suggest trips if you know of a route or course which is not on the Club calendar. In-house driver training is provided to all new members and existing members are also welcome to join. The Club also presents the annual Atlantis Fun Day and points events that promotes off road 4×4 driving.
Secondly, socialising by members takes place at monthly noggins (getting together) at the Cape Multi Motor Club Clubhouse or at venues where a common interest is shared i.e 4WD shops. We also host an annual year-end function to celebrate and reflect on what we have been able to do as a Club.
Come join the Club and visit places with like-minded people!