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The club operates in the VHF frequency band for all activities.

Like your TV licence anyone may apply for a VHF licence. The radio is licenced not the operator. It is a legal requirement to have a licence if you own a two-way radio and ICASA, the national telecommunications regulatory body, does from time to time carry out checks to ensure this. It is possible to obtain a licence privately, but this entails a considerable amount of bureaucracy.

The Off-Road Radio Association (ORRA) issues 29MHz and VHF user authorities on behalf of ICASA. ORRA issues these only to paid-up members of clubs affiliated to the Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of South Africa (AAWDC).

As a member of an AAWDC Club, ORRA makes it very simple, and will issue a user authority after receipt of a basic application form.

If you are a member of this Club, contact the club’s radio officer (see contact details on this page) for assistance. Please note that ORRA will contact you, the member, directly with respect to fees and renewals. To contact ORRA click here.

Once you obtain your licence there are certain conditions to which you must adhere. Talking on the radio is not like talking on a telephone and radio procedures should be adopted.  Read here for more details.

It is a requirement, should you dispose of your radio, that you advise ORRA of the reason for the disposal and if a sale to whom. You should motivate the purchaser to obtain a licence if he or she does not already have one.

Those of you who have gone on trips in a group without a radio will be surprised as to how much enjoyment there is to be had if your convoy had radio communication.

ORRA is a service provided by the AAWDC — use it!!!

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