Outings Etiquette

  • Arrive fully prepared with “Peace of Mind Kit”, fuel, water, food and spare suitable clothes
  • Sign the register
  • Listen to the instructions at the drivers’ meeting, if in doubt, ask
  • No alcohol to be consumed by the drivers, see below
  • Do not stray off the track, it causes confusion for those following
  • Observe strict convoy procedures. Do not loose sight of the vehicle behind you, especially at a junction. Wait until they have seen you change direction before moving off
  • When approaching an obstacle, allow enough space for the vehicle in front to reverse and attempt it again if necessary
  • Before attempting an obstacle, check that the route is clear. If there is any doubt, get out and look
  • Passengers must not sit or stand on the outside of a vehicle that is in motion
  • Do not leave children and/or dogs unattended
  • No unnecessary driving in or around the lunch and camping areas
  • Do not leave any litter. This also applies to cigarette stompies

There are also two by-laws that apply to all members and visitors while on a Club Run

The first:
No person shall, while in control of a vehicle on a Four Wheel Drive Club outing, consume any alcohol before the lunch break, or until such outing is completed. This at the discretion of the outing organizer and/or Committee member present.

The second:
Only licensed all wheel drive vehicles with minimum of four (4) wheels are to be permitted to be driven by members, family, friends, guests, etc. on, during and/or in the vicinity of Club outings.