Atlantis Fun Day



By registering, the participants agree to abide by the rules as appended below.

  • Driver and co-driver, passengers allowed, all to wear safety belts
  • Alcohol consumption by participants is not permitted.
  • Applicants will not be permitted to take further part in the event if deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or if rules are transgressed. The decision of the organisers will be final.
  • No speeding between obstacles or in the general area of the event allowed.
  • No Quads or Motorcycles will be allowed.
  • The event will take place irrespective of the weather.
  • Meals and refreshments will be available at reasonable cost. Please support us in this regard. See the included menu and price list.
  • We anticipate the Prize Giving to be at 15h30


  • The vehicles are subject to scrutiny.
  • Vehicles must be equipped with proper recovery points, safety belts, recovery gear, fire extinguisher.
  • Vehicles must be insured.
  • Be self-sufficient in terms of tools, water, etc.
  • Only street legal vehicles with valid registration papers may be entered.


  • The event starts at 09h00 when the obstacles will open.
  • The obstacles must be completed in the format and sequence as set out on the day and under the guidance of the Event Marshals.
  • Abide by the instructions of the Officials / Marshals.
  • Scoring will be done at the various obstacles.
  • The Competition Rules must be adhered to until the official end of the competition.
  • The results will be calculated by the officials and no discussion will be entered into.

Remember: Although there are nice prizes to be won, this remains a fun event.


Atlantis Dunes, Gate #2. (Gate closest to the R27).