Driver Education

This is a service for Club Members only.

The Club offers the ideal opportunity for members with a 4×4 vehicle to learn the basic skills needed for negotiating most of the terrains encountered in our country. Advanced driver training is also offered to institutions that regularly use 4×4 vehicles.

A few Driver Training Sessions are planned for the year (see calendar for some dates).

The basic training course is intended to help you become acquainted with your vehicle, become comfortable with off-road driving techniques and take unnecessary stress out of tricky driving situations. Also from a safety point of view it is important.

It is strongly advised that all members and their spouses, especially novices, should attend a course. It is a proven fact that co-drivers enjoy trips and trails much more if they understand the principles and can actually assist.

The course consists of 2 parts:

Part 1:

Theoretical session dealing with 4WD vehicles, their important components and their functions, vehicle dynamics, off-road driving techniques, do’s and don’ts, etc. Basic minimum requirements for vehicles (recovery points etc.) will be discussed. This is a 3 hr lecture with notes, slides, video clips and Q & A’s.

Part 2:

Practical session, at a suitable venue close by, usually on a Saturday afternoon. This comprises vehicle inspection & tips, practical driving into tricky situations, obstacles, and basic recovery.

Dates are given in the Club Calendar:

Dates are provisional and more dates may be added depending on demand. The practical session(s) in each case will follow shortly after Part 1 and will be scheduled accordingly. They may even be combined on the same Saturday.

Contact Person:

Fred Bartens –