Atlantis Fun Day

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We endeavour to make the day as much fun as possible, but we still need to have some rules.


  • Participating vehicles will be allocated to groups.
  • If you want to be in a group with friends, ensure that you enter at the gate as a group.
  • We cannot juggle vehicles or keep space for your friends.

Each group will have a Group Leader who will guide the group through the day.

  • The group leaders’/coordinators’ vehicles will be clearly marked.
  • Each group will complete each obstacle together.
  • Stay in your group for the duration of the event until all obstacles have been completed.
  • Provision is made for breaks.


  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s licence.  Each team enters a dedicated driver, co-driver and vehicle.
  • Swopping or changing drivers, co-drivers will only be permitted under exceptional circumstances.


  • Participating vehicles must:
    • be roadworthy and street legal (with valid license);
    • be fitted with proper recovery points and carry recovery gear.


  • The decisions of the Marshalls / Organizers will be final.
  • While driving safety belts have to be worn by all occupants in the vehicle.
  • Passengers are allowed as per vehicle spec.
  • No drinking and driving is permitted.  Expect random breathalyser tests. No alcohol may be used in the competition or tented area until all the obstacles are closed and it is publically announced that you may do so!  Remember the drive home! Arrive alive and stay legal!
    Anybody found to have alcohol in their system will be disqualified and removed from the event.
  • No speeding between obstacles or in the general area of the event will be allowed.
  • Any competitor or vehicle occupant who is rude, intimidating or argumentative towards officials will be excluded and disqualified.   Entry fees will be forfeited.
  • This is intended to be a fun event and is not a serious competition. Please see it in this light.
    Every effort is made to ensure fair and consistent scoring, but mistakes can happen. The organizers endeavor to eliminate these errors.
  • Due to varying degrees of difficulty of the obstacles and capabilities of different competitors, some obstacles may become free.  At no stage, during and after the event, may competitors drive freely in the competition area or into any completed obstacles. This will result in immediate disqualification.
    Once a group has completed every obstacle, competitors may proceed from the event area along the demarcated routes to the general Atlantis Dunes area away from the event until prize giving.


Atlantis Dunes, Gate #2. (Gate closest to the R27).